Slow living vacations: Travel Blog Tour. This is your time.

Umbria Tuscany; Green Hills Wine and Italian Food Experience 


Hidden Island Gems; Ponza, Palmarola and Gavi

Where the beauty of the surroundings cannot but affect your state of mind and  create an instant sense of well-being.

Program – 2016

Total of 6 Nights – Plus possibility of 1 extra Night in Rome

Part 1 – Umbria Tuscany; Green Hills Wine and Italian Food Experience (3 nights)

The Tour officially starts with a Pick-Up from the Airport Fiumicino on 14th of June. 

Or otherwise accorded agreement if participant arrives with train from Rome/Florence.

Two selected fine quality Wineyards, Cantina dei Redi  and Giacomo Mori, confirmed.

Wine tasting accompanied by a light lunch. A professional Wine Sommelier who introduces and enchants the experience.

Cooking Class Making Italian Specialties with all Organic ingredients. 

The Menu studied by an experienced Italian Chef.

Outdoor Activity with UmbriAction Team – Trekking the stunning Hills of Umbria. 

Accommodation and full pension at the delightful Fontanaro Organic Farm  and Capodalto, in collaboration with local businesses and Tavernas.

Part 2 – Hidden Island Gems; Ponza, Palmarola and Gave (3 nights)


An afternoon of relax on the beach, enjoying crystal clear water and bathing in 

sunshine. A night out with live music.

A day out snorkeling with colorful fish and beautiful corals in one of Italy’s 

prettiest reefs.

Island jumping; visiting the nearby islands with their grottos and bays, well preserved beauty and nature reserve and have the chance to speak locals about their slow life on these gorgeous gems.

Choice of water activity and Group Briefing in a shady spot.

Lunch at the local fish restaurant.

Accommodation and Sailing in collaboration with local businesses and Tavernas.

End of the tour

As an official end of the Travel Blog Tour we all turn back to Rome. 

According to individual needs and wishes there will be a possibility to discover some of the City’s highlights with a provided Guided Tour and to have another one night of free accommodation, plus a Transfer to the Airport within the following day/s.  

The Aim of the Tour is to accomplish a well organized and unique experience for all parties involved. To create a creative atmosphere where participants will work individually as well as in a group to achieve a high quality product, in form of Written Articles, Video Documentation and Photography, to deliver on respectively Blogs, related platforms and Travel Magazines. Each provider of an Activity or place for   Accommodation will have their very own story told. The idea is to make publicity in the well tested and successful Format of Travel Story Telling and Travel Journalism at its peak. 

To participate:

We welcome highest standard writing and photography / professionals to apply.

Travel Bloggers



Please submit with your Full Details 

(Name Surname Address and Email plus Phone number)

Apply also with any related web-pages such as Websites and Blogs of yours – we will select those Sites best suited for this event. Any kind of Travel Blog will be considered however those with a special interest in and focus on Food and Wine or Outdoor Activities will have priority.