April 30, 2015

slow living, who?

Slow Living..who?

Slow living vacations.

Someone said Time is all we have, maybe better said Moments is all there is to Life. We cannot stop time, we cannot change its pace, but surely we can learn how to make the most of her, for ourselves and help others make the best of time for themselves.

Our concept is simple; Making trails not tracks, make vacations something out of the ordinary – and we are not intending it just as a ‘slogan’ instead we really mean it.

We want people to go on holiday not just because they are ‘expected to do so’ but because they realize their need to do so; to take a step away from daily life and the pressure that many times come with any kind of routine, be it at work or in interrelations with friends and family. We want people to do something real with their dreams.

Travelling to some place where the beauty of the surroundings and added quality of life cannot but affect the state of mind and create an instant sense of well-being. Going somewhere away from home to remember oneself and what is of real importance on ones journey.

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