May 7, 2014

Slow Sailing

Slow Sailing

Slow Sailing


It is with great pride that we celebrate over 30 years of this marvelous S&S Swan together!

She’s affectionately been called “The Queen of the Sea”, “The Rolls Royce of Sailing”, “The Yacht Full of Rainbows”, and of course “The Love Boat” by many. But we like to think of her as one thing more than anything else, simply “Aorangi”, “The Cloud Piercer”. This is the spirit of our Slow Living Vacations team!

It is a joy to sail with her, to enjoy the comfortable atmosphere that is provided by this classic yacht of outstanding workmanship. The mood is always full of sunshine when on board no matter what the weather. It is easy to understand why, since after 30 long years of taking on the seas and the oceans of the world, she is still as fresh as that day in Finland when the carpenters certificate was signed, way back in 1979.. A time when pride was clearly engraved in the quality of each and every inch of this wonderful vessel, and still is.

We look forward to every year as a celebration in the most appropriate way possible.  Sailing, sailing, and sailing some more! So come join us!

In such a time of uncertainty, we are hoping that as many sea lovers as possible will take time to really live a special moment untouched by the troubles that surround us.

We certainly plan to continue in this quest, slow living spirit and will be waiting on board for those who dare to dream…

Slow Sailing

Slow Sailing

Where we sail

• Harbored in Gaeta, just a little over an hour from Rome and Naples, our home  away from home is at the “Base Nautica Flavio Gioia”. A beautiful marina surrounded by the sea, the mountains and a quaint “old town” all furnishing an amazing backdrop with superb local cuisine for an added touch.

• Within a short sail from Gaeta are the enchanting island groups of the “Pontine” with Ponza and Ventotene among others; or the pearl of the Partenopee  Capri along with the “Flegree” including Ischia and Procida. And lest we forget to mention the coastal wonders of Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, Sorrento, Naples and Sperlonga, just to name a few. The choices abound.

• We will also be sailing to Sardinia and her islands of the Maddalena during the summer. Breathtakingly beautiful, Sardinia is a sailors paradise.  We will be happy to suggest itineraries, or if you already have a dream spot in mind, we’ll be happy to find a way to get you there.

• The Tuscan archipelagoElba, and Sicily with her Aeolian Islands, are also available with re-positioning opportunely arranged.

• From November to March we’ll be back in Gaeta to ring in the New Year!   Winter sailing trips for the really passionate can be a great adventure. Cool but very temperate climate, and with a little more action at sea.

• Remember  our program  is tailored to fulfill your every desire, so whether it’s  the coast or the islands, we’ll be happy to get you there.  With just a little planning we can be where you want to be at just the right time.

You can’t  go wrong in the end, as you are “sailing in Italy”, a land of beauty and culture, old world charm, and best of all….Italians!

Best part of the experience: The Cooking class on board

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