Perugia Best restaurants

Perugia, Best restaurants. We adore eating out and shopping in Perugia.

Please double check directions before going…it is easy to get lost.



We use to park outside the city and get in throught the “FUNICOLARE”!  locally also called: Mini Metro.

To park at the Perugia  Stadium. Pay attention to the night last run that is around 9.30 PM.

Or park at PIAZZALE PARTIGIANI PARKING – Comfortably connected to Piazza Italia right in the centre of town via a series of escalators that run through the ancient Medieval distrit through the Rocca Paolina. Exhibitions and other cultural events are frequently organised in this area.




A must in Perugia, even  if quite expensive compared to the others. This lovely restaurant boasts a unique location, great atmosphere and excellent wines. It is in via del Sole 1. Tel. + 39 075 5716181. During Umbria Jazz lot of artists love to have lanch and aperitives here.


It is in Borgo XX Giugno.  We love this restaurant for the wide wine selection, around 450 differents wines from all over the world and also for the choice of Rum and Cognac!!! We love to eat Mortadella with dates in balsamic vinegar, and the hand made pasta and bread:).

3) TRATTORIA DALLA BIANCA a very unexpensive restaurant but also good, (cost usually no more than 24 euro for a good and strong eating included wines). It is in via Piantarose, 13, tel +39 075 727132

Please click here for google maps directions.

4) CIVICO 25

Located in  Via della Viola, 25.   A definite nice recommend. Good food and  great wine list  The atmosphere of the place is  just great: it’s tucked in a little neighborhood off the tourist path, and clients are  more local.



The pizzeria is very crowded of locals people during lunch. No doubt this is the result of the very good quality/prices values.  The staff is friendly and very fast. Where: Piazza Piccinino 11/12 Da Antonio, Perugia, Italia. tel. 0039 075-572-13-22. Click here for google maps directions.


L’ANGOLO DI WALTER. Located in Piazza Risorgimento 12 | San Mariano – Corciano (2 exits before Perugia coming from Castiglion del Lago). Please click here for google maps directions. This Osteria is suggested by a big friend of us who loves great food!

– After lunch, don’t miss a walk around the oldest town of Perugia. 

The Acquedotto Romano.

– The Duomo and the Fontana Maggiore, after Corso Vannucci, in Piazza IV Novembre/Piazza Danti. First raised in the early 14th century on the Gothic model of the German hall churches, it didn’t take its present form until the 16th century. Unsure whether the front on Piazza Danti or the flank facing Piazza IV Novembre should be the facade, Perugians slapped a bit of desultory decoration on both. On the Piazza IV Novembre side is a statue of Pope Julius III giving benediction.

– The National Gallery in Corso Vannucci, 19. Admission 6.50€ adults, 3.25€ ages 18-25 (E.U. citizens, technically) and seniors over 65

–  Behind the Duomo don’t miss to see  the Arco d’Augusto (Arco Etrusco). In the 3rd century B.C., the Etruscans laid the massive stones of the base. Augustus Caesar engraved it with “Augusta Perusia” after he rebuilt the city. And in the 16th century, the left-hand tower was capped off with a Renaissance loggia.