April 30, 2013

Welcome to The World of Slow Living Vacations!

Welcome to The World of Slow Living Vacations!

We are happy to present you a selection of Slow Living Vacations in Italy and in the Caribs.

Tuscany Beach Villa with swimming pool

slow living vacations

Join us for a week of serenity! Calm is the standard here. We await you for a welcome happy hour at the sunset, and offer the possibility of a peaceful and tranquil vacation where you will escape the noise and congestion of modern city life…

Slow Sicily

Slow Living Sicily

Slow Living Sicily at a self-catering “dammuso” (typical house of the island made of stones) recently renovated, surrounded by quietness in a natural landscape, a sea view overseeing the southern Sicilian coast during the clear days. The stars of an African sky above. Oriental style, Italian taste

Slow Luxury in Paciano


A slow living villa in the heart of Italy. Bedrooms 10Bathrooms 10Sleeps 20  Wine Cellar and Swimming pool. Only one hour and one half by car from Rome and 12 minutes from Chiusi Chianciano train station.

A villa on the rocks


Calm is the standard here: we offer a peaceful and tranquil vacation to escape from the noise and congestion of a city. Our guests here are amazed by the natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere of our home, where you will be the only guest.

The country slow living

fontanaro garden

Until now it has been difficult to find more than ‘rustic charm’ when it comes to renting a Villa in Umbria/Tuscany; with our unique “Fontanaro” Concierge 2.0 service and luxurious styling, at last there is something more for the discerning traveller.

Experience a cooking class in Umbria